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Homepage: {Broken Link} I was originally part of the GNUPedia project, but switched to WikiPedia as soon as I learned of it, and helped lay out some of the early category structure and flesh out many pages. A list of the articles I originated are listed below; unfortunately, most of my early edit history is lost, due to pages getting moved around and stuff.

I am employed by the Open Source Development Laboratory ( ). I am one of the founders and am an active developer in Inkscape ( and the Open Clip Art Library ( ), and was the lead coordinator of the WorldForge Project ( I used to be a spacecraft propulsion engineer, and worked in the financial industry developing online trading software for Morgan Stanley.

I copied in many of the 'A' articles in from the BritannicaPublicDomain text. Here's a list:

Here are some other articles on various topics that I've written:



Yer back, Bryce! Cool! --User:LMS

Thanks for Wikipedia NEWS; it's great! --loh